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Artificial grass in commercial spaces

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Commercial spaces are places where many people pass on a daily basis. This is exactly the reason why Varinias has designed different models of artificial turf with high-quality materials. These high-quality materials make sure you achieve an ideal surface for the garden area of your company (shops, offices, restaurants, building exteriors, shopping centres, walls, ceiling, furniture). The possibilities are countless. Don’t hesitate to think out of the box!

The most important advantages of installing Varinias artificial grass in commercial spaces:

  • Artificial turf means a great saving of time and money.
  • Commercial spaces are places where many people pass on a daily basis. Therefore, we have designed artificial grass that is resistant to heavy use, and supports the public footprints in bars, hotels and restaurants.
  • Varinias artificial turf will give a unique touch to your business. 
  • It can be installed on the floor but can also be used to decorate seats or walls.

Varinias for companies

Get a unique touch in your company thanks to our most sophisticated and resistant products!

Highland 45mm

Deluxe 40mm

Master 35mm

Romeo 30mm

Oasis 25mm

Relax 25mm

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