about Varinias artificial turf in your garden


Yes, it does! We design models that are increasingly similar to natural grass, eliminating the main drawbacks of it.

We offer different types of grass, mainly for two different types of applications: sports use and decorative use. Depending on the sport and the type of decorative use, we have developed specific technologies to adapt and offer you the greatest possible value for your investment. 

A clear example is found in our decorative turf in which we have several groups of products segmented by their height. These groups also have different compositions in their fibres to adapt specifically to, for example, a garden with pets, special grass for children, or grass to reduce the temperature.

At Varinias, all types of turf are of the highest quality, and only differentiated by height. Here are some tips:

Artificial grass from 40 to 60mm 

Artificial turf with a height from 40mm or higher, is characterized by its high leafiness and the feeling of comfort in the tread. These are models that simulate perfectly and specifically made for exclusive environments. 

Recommended installation in high standing gardens, playgrounds, private pools, and high-end private green areas. 

Artificial grass from 30 to 38mm

Artificial turf models with a height between 30 to 38mm are made for frequently used areas. These are versatile products and characterized by greater resistance and recovery. This grass perfectly fulfils it task due to its hardiness and curl. 

Recommended installation in gardens, playgrounds with pets, private and public pools, green areas, and terraces. 

Artificial grass up to 25 mm

The range of artificial turf with shorter fibres includes measurements between 6mm up to 25mm. These are products for regular use and characterized by their greater verticality. This grass is ideal for environments with regular traffic. 

Recommended installation in terraces, balconies, commercial areas, and pet areas. 

Yes, you can purchase the exact footage that is needed for you installation. But first, it is very important to come up with the right measurements of the particular surface. The measures have to be taken exactly: only then you know how much grass you really need. We advise you to acquire a little more (approximately 10%) grass than measured. 

Are you planning to take care of the installation yourself? Click on the following link and we will explain you all about the installation of our artificial turf on land, or on tiles.

It is possible to amortize the installation of Varinias artificial turf in less than two years after its installation. Artificial grass does not require as much maintenance as natural grass and has a useful life of up to 15 years.

Thanks to the ‘LandscapeEco’ technology by Varinias, the fibres of our artificial grass are treated with an anti-bacterial formula to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. You can enjoy your garden without any problems, since Varinias artificial grass significantly reduces the presence of mosquitoes and insects as well. 

All our gardening models feature ‘Longlife’ technology, with fibres that can withstand the most extreme conditions. In addition, these fibres are woven on a sturdy polypropylene base, which prevents the roots of nearby trees from damaging the product. 

Yes, pets can enjoy our artificial grass like any other family member because of its softness, comfort and naturalness. At Varinias, we also have developed artificial turf especially for pets: Oasis and Newfoundland. These two models have technologies that provide maximum drainage ‘MaxDrain’ and are completely free of bacteria ‘LandscapeEco’.

Well, quit the opposite! Our artificial grass not only does not attract insects, but significantly reduces their presence as well. 

No, the artificial sports turf goes through different trials to meet the standards of each discipline (paddle, tennis, soccer, etc.). While the artificial garden turf is especially designed for use in gardens and terraces, prepared to respond to the wishes of the owner. 

No, our products have the MaxDrain technology: specially designed to obtain a drain three times higher than competitive models.

No. All our models have passed different specific tests against UV rays that prevent the turf form losing colour over time. 

At Varinias, we guarantee the durability of our products. In addition, we assure you the grass will not be damaged by the action of chlorine, ultra violet rays or by humidity. 

Artificial grass is heated like any other outdoor pavement. To reduce the temperature and achieve a surface even more pleasant, we use last generation fibres and fillers to significantly reduce the temperature of the turf. 

No, our products do not burn, nor does fire spread through it thanks to our ‘FireProof’ technology. 

Yes, it is. We have designed resistant fibres that perfectly withstand low temperatures and the most extreme climatic changes.

It is really hard to break; however, it could break exceptionally due to a bad installation, the wrong placement of umbrellas or an unpredictable accident. In this case, it is not necessary to change the entire strip of grass, only the broken piece should be changed. 

100%! We have a lawn developed specifically to take care of children. And when you combine it with our Real Pad elastic base, we comply with the fall standard for playgrounds EN1177. In addition, we have our Colour Kids model. A product that combines five different technologies to offer total confidence: Anti-Static, LandscapeEco, MaxDrain, SoftLand, FireProof. 

The only possibility for weeds to grow is through the drainage holes that artificial grass needs to evacuate water. It is not usual, but we advise you to use geotextile in natural lands, to completely guarantee any possibility of growing weeds. The application of anti-weed mesh on concrete or paved areas will not be necessary. Placing the anti-boil mesh is very simple: overlap one piece with another and fix them to the ground with staples or nails every 2 or 3 meters. 

We are very proud to offer quality products and strongly support them. Although the duration of our guarantees depends on the products, we offer a guarantee of up to 10 years, for the whole lawn, from backing to fibre. To obtain maximum performance and durability of the products, it is essential to carry out an appropriate maintenance program adapted to each installation. 

The textured root effect contains textured monofilament fibres that have three functions:

  1. Maximum Naturalness |It mimics the root of natural grass, to give it more realism. 
  2. Providing straight monofilament fibres with verticality | Giving you support so the fibres won’t crush.
  3. Cushioning | A dense root effect gives the system a unique cushioning and comfort.

Stitches refer to the technical specification of the product that numbers the number of passes, of woven thread on a support or backing per square meter. Each stitch contains a number of fibres, and although its weight per stitch can vary by product, usually the greater the number of stitches, the greater the weight of the fibre. 


No, it is not complicated. Although it requires some important guidelines. On our website you can find step-by-step information on how to install artificial turf on tiles or land. In any case, and to guarantee the best result, it is always better to ask for the help of a qualified Varinias installer.

No, it is not completely necessary to use sand. But we do recommend applying silica sand, because this material has the triple function of; 1. Stabilizing the fibres to keep them straighter, 2. Adding weight to the system, and 3. Increasing the freshness by better maintaining moisture. The amount of filler to apply depends on the particular installation. 

Yes! Varinias artificial turf is a strong and resistant product, capable of withstanding the intense activity of a space with a pool. 

  1. Measure the surface. 
  2. Clean the surface. 
  3. Unroll the artificial grass and place it on the ground (no empty spaces)!
  4. Correct the small imperfections that may have been left.
  5. If you wish, you can fix the lawn to the ground using adhesive or double-sided tape.
  6. Finally, you can place silica sand, which will settle the ground better.

The installation of artificial turf on land is somewhat complex, due to the uneven terrain and proper surface preparation. Please click here to check out our step-by-step installation guide.

Installing artificial grass on the wall is very simple. You just have to adjust the material on the surface to be covered, and anchor it with staples, nails or polyurethane adhesive. Since grass stands are made of a rigid polypropylene membrane, they will not tear when the grass is secured.

Mainly, there are two options:

  1. Short grass | Provides a light green touch, with a texture and a clean and fresh finish in the area. Our Terrace model is ideal. 
  2. Long grass | Provides a richer colour with a softer and comforting touch. Our Maximo model is ideal.

Flat and monotonous walls are a thing of the past, because there is a wide variety of artificial grass to choose from. Applying artificial grass to cover a wall will last a lifetime and does not require maintenance that would be very complicated if natural.

Virtually, artificial turf can be installed anywhere. But there are a number of activities that should be avoided in all circumstances, otherwise the turf may deteriorate rapidly. 

  1. Never exceed 1.000 kg of weight without consulting a professional.
  2. Do not use vehicles with nail wheels or chains. 
  3. It is prohibited to spill solvents, acids and petroleum derivatives. 
  4. Avoid smoking, fireworks and open flames like barbecues.

The one who does not put these rules into practice, or ceases to monitor them, must accept responsibility for any future pavement defects.

If you decide to place furniture or other heavy objects on artificial grass, it will be crushed. But, once removed and after brushing, it will return in its initial position. We recommend our Maintenance Kit that includes a brush and our RealSmell enzymatic cleaner to help you maintain a surface always in perfect condition. 

Yes, that is possible. As long as the surface is smooth and free of irregularities:

  1. Clean the surface. 
  2. Measure the surface. 
  3. Unroll the artificial grass and place it on the surface.
  4. If you wish, you can stick the lawn to the floor using adhesive or double-sided tape.
  5. Finally, you can brush the grass against the counter with a special brush. 
  6. Did you decide to do the installation yourself? Click on the following link where we explain step by step the procedure of artificial grass installation. 

Yes! The direction of the fibres during installation is essential to perform a correct installation. If you want to achieve an optimal installation, we advise you to click on this link where you can follow all the steps to install artificial grass on earth or tiles.

Definitely! Our grass is perfect for decorating interiors. With multiple possibilities of materials and colours, you just have to let your imagination fly! 


The cleaning of the artificial turf is quite simple and requires little effort. Just brush the grass sometimes to lift the fibres in the areas of greatest traffic. In addition, it is advisable to water occasionally to remove dust and small waste.

Our specialized product, the Realsmell enzymatic cleaner, is ideal for occasional application in case you have pets. Please feel free to visit our page on the maintenance of artificial turf for more information.

The life of artificial turf varies according to the use that is given. Maintenance is an important factor to keep in mind to make sure your artificial grass is in perfect condition for many more years: more care, more durability.

  1. We recommend a warm solution of household detergent granulated in water or a neutral foaming detergent for delicate garments. In this case, use approximately five litres of water. Stains that are removed with detergent solution: coffee, tea, grape juice, tomato juice, cocoa, watercolours, milk, ice cream, Ketchup, food colouring, mustard, margarine, butter, beer and coke
  2. A 3% solution of ammonia can be used for more severe problems. Vaporize the surface and apply plenty of cold water later.
  3. Clean and dry absorbents such as stain by using paper wipes.
  4. If you have pets at home, we advise you to use our Realsmell enzyme cleaner. It cleans the surface of bacteria and also gives an incredible smell of freshly cut grass.

Since the purpose of watering a decorative artificial grass is only to clean the surface (and to cool some temperature on hot summer days), it will be to your own liking how often you water it. 

Except for exceptional cases (very steep surfaces and after very heavy rains) it is not a material that needs to be replaced since it has great stability and does not migrate easily thanks to its specific weight.

Chewing gum is a common risk and can be eliminated with the use of a dry-cleaning fluid or by freezing. Aerosol or coolant packages can be obtained from pavement cleaning distributors, or an ice cube can be used. When using such products, ensure that the instructions for use are strictly adhered to

A mixture of distilled white vinegar with the same amount of water should be used whilst cleaning animal waste. Rinse vigorously with water after application. Do not use chlorine, bleach or caustic detergents on the pavement as they cause discoloration.

The handling and use of chemical cleaners in general should be carried out strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In case of doubt or for further clarification, please consult Varinias.

In order to keep the synthetic fibres straight, it is convenient to brush occasionally, with a plastic bristle brush. We recommend brushing less or more frequently, depending on the amount of activity that has been done on the surface. 

For the artificial turf to have adequate performance, a minimum of care and regular maintenance is required. If you want to know more, click on the following link, where we explain step by step the artificial grass maintenance procedure.