How to install artificial grass on tiles?

Unless it is a more complex project, the installation of artificial turf on tiles is a simple process for which you don’t need great technical knowledge. In the case you decide to take care of the installation yourself, Varinias teaches you step by step how to install the artificial turf on tile in a simple and quick way. 

Tools and material you need to install Varinias artificial grass on tiles:

  • Tube
  • Cutter
  • Safety gloves
  • Artificial grass
  • Bonding- or self-adhesive band
  • Special adhesive for artificial grass
  • Serrated shovel
  • Adhesive applicator
  • Silica sand or PetFil filler 
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Realsmell Enzymatic Cleaner 

The 8 steps to install your own artificial turf on tiles:

1. Measure and prepare the surface

First, before buying your artificial turf, you have to measure the particular surface. As you can imagine, a strict measure and clear plan is important. Any children? We advise you to add a cushion pad base to soften possible falls. 

Good to know: Varinias artificial turf is stored in rolls of 2 or 4 meters. So, unless your surface matches these measures, you have to cut the rolls to adapt it to the surface and possible obstacles.

A good preparation saves you a lot of money whilst buying your products. Besides, it makes the final result look way better!

2. Measure and cut the artificial grass

As we have mentioned above, Varinias artificial turf is stored in rolls of 2 or 4 meter. Therefore, you must measure and plan the layout of the turf well to buy the right amount of artificial turf. At Varinias, we are able to help you with these important, but difficult calculations. Moreover, since it is not something as simple as it might seem at first, we are able to cut the grass rolls for you. 

When the artificial turf is delivered and ready for installation, you cover the particular surface with the grass. Measure and mark the areas where you need to cut and, for a greater result, make the cuts on the roll itself. Any obstacles or holes? Measure its deviation and mark it by cutting the grass. It is really important to use the right cutter and please wear safety gloves to avoid accidents. 

3. Cover the surface with artificial turf

Make sure you always lay down the grass in the same direction. If not, the final result of the surface will be negatively affected. Due to the fact that when rolling, the fibres of the grass are always shifted to one side. Whilst installing the first roll of artificial turf, make sure you leave a small marge in between the grass and the wall.

Once you have covered the surface, you need to cut the sides (approximately 0.5cm) to make sure they are perfectly straight and without any imperfections. Next, you should leave a margin between 0.1 and 0.5cm between the two pieces of grass. Why? This is necessary to prevent visible marks after the installation.

4. Time for the bonding- or self-adhesive band

You have to lift the edges of the artificial turf and apply the band underneath with help of the adhesive applicator. Then, use a toothed blade to spread it out. To prevent the fibres from sticking to the bonding band, you should place the edges of the grass over the strip and press lightly so that they adhere perfectly. You want to work faster? In that case we advise you to use the self-adhesive band. 

5. Paste and fix the grass to the tile floor

When fixing the artificial turf to the floor, you use a sealant in a silicone gun to apply the putty. It is a general rule you must paste it on the surface with points of each 20-30cm along the entire perimeter. Make sure you paste all corners and possible cuts as well! 




6. Sprinkle the artificial grass with silica sand

In the case of installing artificial grass on tile, you must take into account the type of installation before deciding the use of silica sand. The use of silica sand is optional, but it helps the artificial turf to keep the right temperature and not get too hot on warm, sunny days. Yet, it may not be convenient to use it in indoor installations or installations that combine lawn- and tile area. This because, whilst walking on artificial grass, sand my stick to your shoes and will be spread around the area. In outdoor areas, where the use of silica sand is not an inconvenience, the use of silica sand is recommended. 

All of our products have a kind of a curl to optimize the comfort. The models with the MaxRecover and BodyShape technologies stimulate the recovery of the fibre and are a perfect to use without padding. 

7. Brush and apply Realsmell

One of the last steps in the process of installing the Varinias artificial turf on tiles, is to brush the grass in the opposite direction of the fibre. Brushing the grass with a brush with hard bristles will make the fallen fibres stand up and shine.

Finally, we advise you to clean the surface by using our Reallsmell enzymatic cleaner. The Realsmell provides an aroma of freshly cut grass and benefits your artificial turf with bactericidal properties and antistatic. 

8. Enjoy your installation! 

Now you have your artificial turf installation on tile ready for use. Where can we find your field of artificial grass? On your balcony, terrace, or maybe on your rooftop? Why not! Thanks to the fact that the maintenance of artificial turf is way faster than the maintenance of natural grass, you will have plenty of time left to enjoy and play! Where are you waiting for? 

If you prefer to watch a video with the entire process, you can watch it from the following link:

Characteristics of Varinias artificial turf


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