Maintenance and gardening services on Ibiza

While we help you realize your Ibiza garden

Maintenance and Gardening

This is wat we do. This is what we have to offer you!

Automatic irrigation and lighting systems

While we help you realize your Ibiza garden, you come to the conclusion that light and irrigation are two necessary elements to fulfill your wishes. Well, that is wonderful! At Varinias we are extremely happy to create the technical system your garden needs to shine through day and night.

Design of gardens and landscaping

When you choose Varinias, you are stuck with us from the first second till the very end. Varinias won’t ever let you down. We inspire, inform and advise you to create the desired garden you have always dreamed of. We make sure the result adapts perfectly to the specific environment, size of the garden and style of the house.

Planting grass and maintenance

Fresh green grass needs care and attention. We are here to take that responsibility off your hands. We know how to assure a strong fundament by sowing the field in a way that suits the environmental conditions best. And/or, if you like us to maintain the field, we will!

Maintenance of total gardens and green areas

Besides creating your dream garden, the maintenance of it takes serious time as well. There is grass, there are (fruit)trees, and what about the bushes and tropical flowers? We know how to handle this, and if you want to, we help you either periodically or at specific times to keep your garden nice, fresh and outstanding.

Applying organic and chemical fertilisers

Talking about fertilisers, we offer two services. First of all, we help you choose the most suitable one for you soil and plants. And second, we apply the fertiliser to the ground so it can do its work immediately!

Get inspired

Get inspired by some of our previous projects!


Do you have any questions about Varinias, or would you like to get in touch with us? In any case, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions and advise you to find the perfect artificial turf installation for you and your needs.  

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