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Artificial grass for your pets

Green, antibacterial grass!

Did you ever wonder if artificial grass is compatible with pets? Well, our answer is “Yes, it is!”. At Varinias we have developed exclusive pet models with greater drainage and excellent resistance. Thereby, we treat all of our pet friendly models with our ‘Landscape ECO’ antibacterial technology. 

The most important advantages of installing Varinias pet friendly artificial grass:

  • Our pet friendly grass is tough and strong enough to withstand all kinds of activities carried out by your dog(s) and cat(s).
  • Varinias artificial turf models won’t damage the fur of your animal(s).
  • These products feature MaxDrain technology. This provides excellent drainage in terms of liquids and dirt that your pet(s) may leave on the surface.
  • We have the new RealSmell enzyme cleaner: especially designed to keep the field disinfected at all times and it will spread a pleasant smell of freshly cut grass.

Varinias for pets

Let your pet(s) enjoy a garden in perfect condition with these products:

Terranova 35mm

Oasis 25mm

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