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Artificial grass for our little ones

100% safe! 

The safety of your kids is our number one priority. So, we have created an exclusive range of artificial turf for the little ones: artificial turf on Ibiza that, due to its high softness, is ideal for creating safe and sweet playgrounds. 

The Colour Kids artificial grass is made of 5 various technologies to guarantee you and your children a 100% safe playground.

  1. Antistatic | Thanks to this technology, our artificial grass does not accumulate static electricity. 
  2. LandScape ECO | The fibres of the grass are treated with antibacterial products. Why? To make sure, while playing on our artificial grass, your children will be safe from bacteria.
  3. MaxDrain | MaxDrain makes sure the grass won’t flood. 
  4. Softland | Of course, you don’t want your children to get hurt when they fall. Therefore, this Color Kids model contains a base like a cushion and will soften the fall of your little ones directly.
  5. Fireproof | Another very important fact is that Varinias artificial grass is fire retardant. In case of a fire, your children will be safe because it can’t spread itself over the grass.  

Varinias for playgrounds

Especially made for the little ones, so they can play without any fear and with the greatest safety of artificial turf:

Absolute 55mm

Provenza 38mm

Master 35mm

Color Kids Green 20mm

Color Kids Blue 20mm

Color Kids Yellow 20mm

Color Kids Red 20mm

Color Kids Black 20mm

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Characteristics of Varinias artificial turf

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