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Artificial turf is what you want. But, how to select the right product according to the specific installation environment on the island? We are here to help you find only the best product(s) to fulfill your ‘Ibiza garden standards’ and make sure the final result fits the specific installation environment perfectly.

Every single product we sell is designed and manufactured to increase your personal satisfaction over your Ibiza garden and/or green areas on the island. The outcome? A sensational collection of high-quality turf in infinite variations. 

So, now it’s on you: which of our product do you prefer? Of course, according to your wishes and environment, we are more than happy to offer you the guidelines and tips you need. In this way you are able to choose the model of artificial turf that fits your Ibiza garden or green area best.

Artificial grass from 40 to 60mm

HIGH PILE RANGE  – Naturalness to the max!

Our High Pile Range of artificial turf is between 40 to 60mm and the various products are especially made for moderate use environments. Well known for its superior foliage and the experience of pure comfort in every step, our products simulate to perfection the natural grass tread. Also, because of the unique technologies we use, the recovery of the fibre is just excellent.

Recommended installation on: High standing gardens, play areas, private swimming pools, private high standing green areas in general.

Artificial grass from 30 a 38mm

MEDIUM PILE RANGE – Only pretty green grass is what we see!

The Medium Pile Range of artificial turf (30 to 35mm) contains specific products for frequently used environments. What we mean by ‘specific products’? Well, let’s get more specific: we are talking about multipurpose products that are perfect to apply in any environment on the beautiful island. Products that are characterized by the excellent recovery of its fibres. But, that’s not all: these same products are, due to its foliage and curl, able to fulfill to perfection. 

Recommended installation: Ibiza gardens, play areas with or without pets, private and public pools, green areas, terraces and high standing restoration.

Artificial grass from 15 mm

Low Pile Range – Ready for extreme resistance?

Our Low Pile Range of artificial turf is available from just 15mm, up to 25mm. All characterized by its perfect resistant and so the perfect solution for intensively used- and high traffic environments on the island of Ibiza. 

Recommended installation on: Terraces, balconies, commercial areas, catering, pet areas.

Characteristics of Varinias artificial turf


Do you have any questions about our products, or would you like to get in touch with us? In any case, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions and advise you to find the perfect artificial turf installation for you and your needs. 

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