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Due to our high-quality products, we are able to bring ‘artificial turf quality’ to each and every one who is interested in only the best and is living on Ibiza. Besides, did you know we offer a unique collection? By studying the ideal combinations for every single application, and by applying our novel technologies to each model, we assure you the final result will be much more than just ‘artificial turf’. How we prefer to name it? ‘The future of artificial turf’.

Go search for your number 1 in artificial turf… To find out all you need is its future.

Varinias creates every place to be on Ibiza!

Best artificial grass installation company

Welcome to Varinias Ibiza. We challenge ourselves to be the company that offers you the best artificial grass installation on Ibiza. Our team of installers knows how to handle, the sometimes challenging artificial grass installation situations on Ibiza. To become the best artificial grass installation company we have trained our artificial grass installers in the Netherlands. To make artificial grass installation perfect we take the time for good preparation and work with the best equipment to get the job done. We like to be your best artificial grass installation company on Ibiza as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free site survey. Please challenge us and we would love to show you why we are the best artificial grass installation company on Ibiza.

Shop artificial grass for your swimming pool

People on Ibiza enjoy the climate, and the possibility to spend a lot of time in their garden. The swimming pool area is one of the most famous spots to hang out. Kids and adults enjoy the cool water in the swimming pool during the long and hot summers on Ibiza. A swimming pool always gives you a refreshing experience and great views especially if you have a nice finishing with artificial grass.

To shop for artificial grass for swimming pools, you are in the right place. People shop for artificial grass for swimming pools because it looks fantastic all year: no maintenance and no muddy areas around the pool. If you want to shop for artificial grass for your swimming pool, then always ask for a free site survey. We would be happy to assist you and give you the best advice to shop for artificial grass for swimming pools.

Buy artificial grass for your Soccer field

Growing natural grass on Ibiza is almost impossible if you consider the always shining sun and the lack of water on our beautiful island Ibiza.

Synthetic grass or artificial grass is the best choice you can make considering the long term, saving costs and last but not least your always perfect looking sports field. Do you like to buy our artificial grass for a great soccer field, Padel, or a golf course? You came to the right place to buy artificial grass!

What sports activity do you love to do in your garden? Do you want to buy artificial grass for a soccer field? Or do you prefer to play a round of golf in your backyard? 

If you consider installing artificial grass in your garden on Ibiza, it only makes sense if you have taught about the long term of investing in artificial grass for a top soccer field or any other sports field in your garden. Buying artificial grass for a soccer field is not the only thing you have to consider. The underlayer is so crucial for the long term quality of your soccer field, at least if you like to enjoy your soccer field for many years. Varinias will advise you and make sure you can enjoy your soccer field on Ibiza for many years!

Top-class soccer and sports fields

Our artificial grass installation includes soccer fields, putting greens, golf greens, football fields, track and field centers, indoor playing fields, and even padel and tennis courts. We provide a range of products that suit a variety of needs and applications. Contact us directly and ask for a free site survey to learn more about our products, services, and pricing for artificial turf.

Varinias can help you with the best in artificial turf for soccer fields on Ibiza. We can show you the differences between the Chinese artificial soccer turf and the best quality soccer field artificial grass you will find made in Europe. 

Shop artificial grass for your play area

Kids love playing outside the house, especially with the climate we have on Ibiza. When your kids play outside, you want them to have fun and be safe at all times. With the solutions we provide for shopping artificial grass for your play area, you will always succeed at Varinias. To shop for artificial grass, especially for a play area, you should consider a view of essential things. Where kids play, accidents will happen sometimes. We think with a surface of artificial grass with an underlayer of shockpad 10 mm thick the damage will be less. Shockpad, in combination with artificial grass, will guarantee a softer landing when falling. This might be crucial to avoid severe injuries with the rock hard surface we have on Ibiza.

To shop for artificial grass for your play area might be dificult because there are so many options. Don’t hesitate and ask us for support and a free site survey at any time!

Grass without limits

In Ibiza we understand the challenges of maintaining a fresh looking lawn which you can use all year round. Lawns in general, unless you use high levels of water, are easily burnt out by the sun and too harsh under the foot.

However, with our high-quality products we are able to bring ‘artificial turf quality’ that is not only realistic looking, its soft to touch and low maintenance, require no watering and mowing and will look amazing 365 days of the year.

We assure you the final result will be much more than you ever thought it would be. Artificial turf has numerous environmental benefits, such as conserving water, decreasing carbon emission and eliminating the need for harmful chemicals, all whilst making life more comfortable and more affordable for you. Our team of installers with their wide range of knowledge and years of experience offers you the best quality turf and expert installations in Ibiza. We make it look easy!.

Varinias creates every place to be on Ibiza!

Best Artificial Grass Company

To become the best artificial grass installation company we have partnered with Art

Gardens Ibiza who have been installing commercial and residential lawns for over 15 years and who were trained as the pioneer of artificial grass that was brought to the UK over 35 years ago and one of Holland’s best Artificial grass installation teams that have installed hundreds of football pitches and tennis courts around the world for the last 25 years. We are really excited to offer the highest quality of experience and products the world has to offer. Please do not hesitate to ask for a free site survey. We are delighted to take on any challenge to create your perfect outdoor space that will be usable all year round.

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November 25, 2019


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