Artificial Turf for Multi Sport Field

Versatility in your playgrounds on Ibiza

Multisport 25 - durable technology

Limited space available but a lot of sports to practice? In this case, the multisport artificial grass of Varinias is exactly what you are looking for. Various exclusive models can be combined to achieve a unique surface of artificial turf. Thanks to this kind of artificial grass, you can enjoy literally any game or sport you like in just one and the same place, like your Ibiza garden or the local playground.  


Varinias Multisport offers all the technology you need

Multisport is a versatile product. The combination of the technologies used, makes Multisport indispensable while creating the green area of your dreams. 

Our products

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Real Xtreme

Real Infinity


Memory XCN

Soccer XCN

Proturf Green

Proturf Blue

Proturf Rust

Drive Pro

Drive Blue

Drive Rust

Drive Black

Match Pro

Golf Pro

Golf Putt


Recommended installation: Sports centres, private facilities, neighbourhood communities.

Characteristics of Varinias artificial turf


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