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Well, it is really nice to meet you! We would like to introduce ourselves as ‘your favourite artificial turf brand on Ibiza’. At Varinias, ‘we’ stands for the foundation of our company. We as colleagues, we as business partners and also as customers. We trust and believe in the people and their ideas. That is exactly the reason why we do our best to offer you a world full of opportunities within reach. 

‘We’ is our world. Now our world is yours.

official partner

14 years ago I was lucky to be professionally trained to install artificial grass by one of the top pioneers in the industry in the UK. Since that time, I have installed over 500 lawns for commercial and residential properties. I became the top installer of 27 licensees fór 2 years running. Fast forward to today, and I am bringing this skill to our beautiful island. The Netherlands and the UK are the leading countries in Europe for artificial grass, and I am delighted to have formed a partnership with a businessman who has recently moved to Ibiza and who has installed hundreds of football pitches and tennis courts across the world over the last 25 years. He brings with him not only this extensive experience, but also cutting edge tools and technology which ensure seamless installations and a wealth of knowledge to share with me so that we can work as a fluid and professional team.


Do you have any questions about Varinias, or would you like to get in touch with us? In any case, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions and advise you to find the perfect artificial turf installation for you and your needs.  

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07830 San José, Spain

+34 674 17 85 51

Hours: From Monday to Saturday from 08.30 – 18.00

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